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We will provide a caring, sharing and healing performance which will be the expression of God’s grace, equip believers, and transform the broken, battered and forsaken. We live in a society that challenges families and individuals; therefore we will commit our lives to empower those we meet to resist challenges that could threaten their very existence.

We thank God for His many blessings he has bestowed upon each of us. If it wasn’t for His grace & mercy none of what we’ve been blessed to do would be possible. For that we as a group give ALL glory and honor to Our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ!

The Armouraires have over 48 years combined in the ministry. We go wherever the Lord calls us to go with our ministry. If just one person is encouraged, strengthened or gives their live to the Lord by something that is said or sang in a service then that is why we do what we do with regards to our ministry.